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Hello beautiful, conscious spiritual woman in your quest for liberation,

You have overcome mental and physical abuse with a lot of courage and strength and I want to acknowledge and honor you for all the trials you’ve been through.

Unlock now the thriving woman you truly are !


FREE from your past, fully ALIVE and embodied, QUEEN of the life you create.

You healed a lot through speech therapy, but you're not satisfied...

  • You feel broken, the pieces of your being completely scattered

  • You feel deeply frustrated because you’re being ruled by self-doubts and self-loathing thoughts. Self-hate is your go-to pattern in life

  • You feel lost and in total despair because you don’t know how to face your trauma

  • You  feel deep despair and loneliness because you don’t know how to build authentic and trusting relationships with others.

  • You’re stuck in your head, unable to really embody the healing you've accomplished.

  • You are ashamed because you don’t know how to really take care of yourself and be the master of your own well-being. Shame and guilt are depriving you of the pleasures of life

  • You’re overwhelmed because the you are in a chronic survival mode.


You have become your own victim and you don’t know how to get out of that trap !

Now is the time
to become fully ALIVE and
VIBRANT, free from your past
the beautiful, joyful
luxuriant woman
you are.


Take a pause, breathe in your gut and imagine...
                                                    the version of you you’re about to uncover …

  • You are totally and unconditionally in love with who you are

  •  You are fully integrated, once and for all, owning your wholeness and the richness of your being

  • You know how to hold space for your emotions and how to shift any pattern resurfacing 

  • You are fully embodied and alive, feeling the joy, the spontaneity and the beauty of who you are 

  • You attract and create relationships that are healthy, fulfilling and sacred because you know who you are and how to set your boundaries

  • You know how to nourish a sacred connection with yourself and with others

  • Thriving in your everyday life because you know what is good for you, what regenerates you and how to implement what your body, mind and soul need to feel energized, peaceful and bright

  • Being at peace and relaxed whatever the outer circumstances because you know how to calm and restore your nervous system.


You now create life on your terms because you have made the shift from survivor to Thrive


In the hollow of your being
is a jewel.
A pearl as pure, as clear, as
precious as the pearl of dew
in the hollow
of the lady's mantle.
This pearl is inviolable,
unalterable, eternal.
This pearl
is your true identity.


Your journey towards Luxuriance

Luxuriance takes its roots in "Inner Gardening", the practice I have been called to create through my own journey of healing and discovery.
Your being is like a landscape, with its hills, cliffs and crevasses; its various shades of light and dark; its wasteland, luxuriant forests and sunny meadows...
"Inner Gardening" is a spiraling process in the depth of your Being that unites Body, Mind and Soul and liberates you from your past.

Let your wounds
empower your Now,
claim your limitless
freedom !


Overview of your journey

  • 3 healing sessions/month on zoom giving you access to a loving container
    where you can safely process your wounds, be witnessed and acknowledged
    without judgment so that you learn how to connect with the different voices of
    your inner community, welcome your feelings and sensations without being
    drowned by them, and build a long-lasting connexion to your higher self.


You will tap into your self-healing ressources, and get deeply rooted in your inner matrix of unconditional love.

  •  Tailor made Flower essences Healing kit including : 1 FE combo for internal use
    + 1 FE massage oil + 1 FE acupuncture prep that will powerfully yet tenderly
    address the patterns getting in the way of your true transformation, support a
    new awareness of the treasure hidden in your shadow.

You will shift to your next level of self mastery.

  • Unlimited voxer and email access (week days) to walk hand in hand with me


You will feel connected , supported and elevated on the path to your freedom.

During those 3 months together, you will…


  • Learn how to activate, nourish and sustain a life-long unconditional love relationship with yourself


  • Know how to create and sustain heart-based trustful relationships with yourself and others


  • Become sovereign of your well-being on all levels : body, mind and soul


  • Start melting your frozen sensations, get your sensitivity back in a safe and pleasurable way and be able to built authentic and healthy relationships 


  • Learn and master simple techniques to integrate your trauma, feel whole and empowered


  • Find lasting peace and calm whatever the circumstances


  • Reclaim your vitality, your joy and your pleasure to be fully alive 

  • Start creating life on your terms !



My heart desires the best for you, so I’ve added some amazing bonuses

DSC_8738 - Copie.jpg
  • Channeled for you guided meditations recordings for a lifetime of support

  •  Your custom “Inner Gardener” well-being and restorative toolbox (virtual)

  • Journal prompts to help you raise your awareness and stand in your power

  • A private cacao ceremony with me on zoom to open your heart to deep love and balance your feminine and masculine energy (you'll receive your cacao blend with instructions with your flower essence kit, in the mail, for no extra cost, wherever you are in the world)

  • 500€ off your VIP 3 days 1:1 immersion retreat with me in the heart of the french forest for a customized rite and ceremony that will integrate and activate your transformation on a deeper level


Hi, I am Asherah Dominique Boyer

Today I can say that I love my life,

I’m living in the middle of a beautiful forest of ancient oak and chestnut trees in the wilderness of southern France, I’m building my hobbit house with a man I deeply love and trust who is the conscious sensitive Masculine I’ve always dreamt of,
I love my work of supporting women to shift from surviving to thriving in a way that is deep, light, natural, loving and empowering. I’m at peace with my past.I live a life aligned with my deepest heart’s desire, full of
joy, laughter and a lightness of being. I am completely free to be the luxuriant woman that I am, unapologetically.

But that was not always the case…

In my early years I experienced traumatic sexual abuse over the course of many years. In my twenties, I thought that fleeing abroad would erase my problems like magic. I quickly discovered rather than going away, my unhealed trauma left me in a deeply frozen state. So much so that my work colleagues and friends nicknamed me “ice cube.”

But it wasn't a joke...

And it was time for me to do something.

I went back to France and invested in psychotherapy for more than 10 years. ,Those 10 years got me standing up for myself, speaking out and going to court to get justice done... But I still didn’t feel relief nor peace... I felt, deep within my core, that something was missing that talkspeech therapy was failing to address : the consequences of trauma on my body, my heart and my soul. So after 10+ years of therapy and getting a master’s degree in clinical psychology, I started to walk a different path of healing. I turned to holistic medicine practices and those became the stepping stone to my next level : I started feeling again in my body and gained immense vitality and joy.

I was graced to meet a spiritual path that has brought me what I deeply needed to heal my wounds :


  • from being lonely and abandoned, I took root in a deep sense of  belonging to and being unconditionally loved by Life itself

  • from anger and resentment, I stood up for my personal boundaries, my big NOs and my big YESs, and aligned with my soul;

  • from identifying with victim  consciousness and surviving, I saw and felt in my every cell the abundance of blessings everywhere around me and started thriving.

Today, I draw upon all of my experience and training, as a clinical psychologist, certified Reiki practitioner, kinesiologist, flower essence and floral acupuncture therapist, leader and mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace and initiate in the embodied spiritual path of universal sufism, to support women with a holistic and embodied approach that help them reclaim the rich and abounding woman they are so that they can stop surviving and start thriving on all levels with the practice I have founded : “Inner Gardening”

“Luxuriance” is the contribution of my soul to a world where all women are safe and free to flourish in the most vibrant way possible.


What's unique about my approach

  • Your deepest wounds are Sacred fertile ground. Just like the compost, they hold the very seeds of your radiance and they will empower you

  • You can evolve and grow with joy and lightness of being, without talking your story out again and again ! And we’ll do exactly just that with singing, voice and breathwork, rituals etc…!

  • Your support team is all around you in Nature, and you’re gonna learn to connect.

  • The spiritual world is a powerful ally. You will discover it outside any religious belief with embodied spiritual and mystical practices of all spiritual paths, and it will free you.


Their healing journey...

Before working with Asherah, I was struggling in a relationship with a narcissist. I felt that I had to make the decision to end this relationship without succeeding in doing so. Working with Asherah allowed me to connect to several of my shadow
parts. I was able to see them at first, then welcome them one by one, with a lot of benevolence and love, and suddenly as they were seen and taken into account, they gradually turned into light. This allowed me to meet my power and my resources, to see that I could at any time reconnect to my breath and my presence and liberate myself ...
I was able to reclaim my personal power and connect to my sovereignty. I made the decision to end that relationship. Today this work allows me to meet myself in my depths, to see more clearly my patterns, to take another look at things and to be on the beautiful path of love for myself and the presence to who I am, to be at peace and to feel joy. I have a lot of gratitude to Asherah who has been a great help.


Working with Asherah has changed the way I look at my difficulties, and above all, my way of experiencing them has change. I was able to move forward on a path of peace, even WITH those. And I do not talk about long courses, nor about theory either: in my daily life, it has become different, I became able to “grasp myself” differently and almost instantly. With a background of love and joy and hope, whose taste is not negligible! Thank you Asherah!
Asherah has a strength of conviction, faith, life... she walks with you with benevolence, bright and lively eyes, always so valiant and confident in your ttransformation. I ended up lowering the barriers, letting myself be picked up.
What life force! What intelligence of life! What heart, what love! Asherah is inhabited by uncommon strengths.
So yes, since this work with Asherah, my life is no longer the same: I live each day as a day of possible progress, at least as a day of pacification, patience, in love. Love of me and love of others, because growing up in understanding and loving myself, I grew up welcoming others too,

Thank you, bright Asherah, thank you!



And sister, I feel you at this very moment…


I know how frightening it is to face the pain of your trauma…again,


And that’s why I want to share my personal and professional experience with you with authenticity right now…

You’re in pain because you haven’t been taught how to deal with sensations, emotions and how they affect your ecosystem. 

When I was raped for the first time, my body froze. My body kept still, my eyes kept closed, and I pretended nothing was happening. 

Can you relate ? 

In fact the sensations and emotions I was feeling at that moment got blocked and had no way to pass through me, because I was afraid of feeling them. And…they stayed frozen in my body, in my heart and in my soul…and my whole being froze, for more than 20 years.

What I have learnt is what I will teach you in this 3 months journey : how to come back into your body, stay present and let the sensations move through you in a way that will feel tender and soft, that will empower you forever and guide you to stop being unconsciously ruled by your story. You will reclaim your freedom and your sovereignty.


Maybe you are wondering if you will HAVE TO forgive ( and in that case, you’re not ready to betray yourself and what you’ve been through)...


Let’s be honest…forgiving is a big topic here, and we will dive into it for sure. But you will be astonished about the approach I take to it : you will feel the pressure going off, you will feel deep alignment and real connection with what forgiving really is and how it gives you your power back without HAVING TO compromise any of your integrity.


But Asherah ! I am a victim of sexual abuse ! How can I ever become free of that experience ??


I see you, I witness your pain and I acknowledge you as having been victim of sexual abuse. 


But let me ask you something : do you want to identify with THE victim in you your whole life ?


I know something about victims and I’m sure you won’t disagree : victims suffer, victims endure, victims are submitted to…victims survive, barely. Looking at life and joy and freedom passing by.


But what do YOU want for yourself and your life ?

What I’m offering you is 3 months to raise out of victim consciousness and start living, start thriving, start choosing life on your terms, free from outer circumstances. You only can feel if you are ready to jump into the unknown, untamed, radiant and luxuriant woman that you truly are. 


And in order to jump and discover the amazing YOU, what you need is to change fear into curiosity and eagerness…will you ? 


Tell me,


Will you choose 15+ years of speech therapy (and the thousands of dollars it will costs you) talking your story out again and again, or will you choose to dive in for 3 months and get back on the other side with your power, your sovereignty and your autonomy back once and for all ? 


Will you carry on feeling lonely and desperate while refusing to ask for support because of shame, self-doubts or self-loathing beliefs, or will you make THE decision that will be the point of creation for your new YOU and your new LIFE ? 


I know you know the answer deep in your core,  that’s why I’m inviting you to take the leap that you need right now.

Why I want that for you ?

Because you’re worth it my dear !

Because it is your birthright to feel alive and happy and create the life you long for !

Because it is your nature to be free !

And because I know you have what it takes to walk on that path of true recovery towards the luxuriant woman that you are and have always been !


Are you ready to meet with YOU ? 

Invest in yourself


Your 3 months private mentoring program

to liberate yourself from trauma
and embody your bountiful self

Investment : Full payment 3500€ or 3 monthly payments of 1300€

You want to work 1:1 with me in Luxuriance ?

Schedule your free call, let's feel if we match !

Out beyond
of right and wrong
there is a field.

I'll meet you there.