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Already very young, I had the feeling of being abandoned by life. Different family dramas made me an introverted young woman, frozen, sad and deeply alone. In the midst of this loneliness and a life sorely lacking in meaning, an aspiration remained: that of one day knowing wisdom...

After more than 10 years of psychosomatic therapy, during which I was able to explore my story, my psycho-emotional structure and my limitations, meeting the Dances of Universal Peace and the path of universal Sufism responded to my thirst in a way I didn't expect...

A deep feeling of inner peace and connection with the Absolute came into my life, and has traced my path ever since. After trying to dissect and understand my story to extricate myself from it, the sacred dances and the chanting of peace mantras dating back several millennia have anchored peace in my body, in my cells. Instead of running away from my demons at full speed, I learned to grow my capacity for love and to look at my shadows, my suffering parts and my pains with tenderness. Instead of seeking only the light, I plunged into my depths to fertilize my darkness. In the hollow of her belly, I found myself there: a unique, singular woman, always renewed and deeply in love with Life in all its forms.

Named Asherah by my Sufi guide, I am inspired daily by this powerful archetype of the sacred feminine to continue exploring my inner landscape,  and support other  seekers towards re-unification and radiance.



I followed long scientific studies until obtaining the aggregation in mathematics. Although my vocation for teaching was clear, these years of living immersed in a world of abstraction left me tired and alone in my intellectual ivory tower.

After a few years of teaching I made a strong decision to quit and get on a plane to the Pacific. I then settled in New Caledonia, on the small island of Lifou, in Kanak land, where I lived for 15 years. These years spent fishing in the lagoon, cultivating yams, building traditional huts, playing the guitar and singing in the Kanak language, living in community and walking barefoot in the coconut grove of "coin d'amour" have changed my relationship to myself, to others and to the world.

In 2018 I returned to France and started to lead workshops to reconnect with natural abundance through primitive skills.

I like to continue using the Kanak first name “Umun”, which means “the one who stops war”. This first name contrasts well with that of “Cédric” which has Celtic warrior origins.

My friend Cawan who gave me this first name has supported me until my return to France and I now consider myself, like him, as a Guardian of the Earth:

I am learning to align my actions in the garden and in nature with my inner states and with the invisible.


This is what I pass on.

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