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Encounter with the Divine
Psycho-spiritual Mentoring

Regardless of the nature of the trauma you have experienced….

Everything about you is sacred

This is the Truth.

What prevents you from feeling, integrating and embodying your divine essence are the veils that have imposed themselves between the different parts of your Being. The parts you have separated from the sacred.

Your Divine Essence is your true Being, in all its richness, in all its facets, free from all conditioning.

Your Essence is you:

* stable, calm, serene, able to go through the circumstances of life with poise, remaining present to who you are, with clarity, simplicity and firmness,

* natural, following your flow, your way of being, of expressing yourself, of moving and evolving in the world in your unique way, without forcing, in cooperation and unification with ALL that you are,

* full and whole! As deep or light, as vibrant or calm, as expressive or restrained as you feel, in complete freedom, in complete sovereignty, without concessions and without taboos!

* present: in your body, free from the memories and knots that hinder; in your mind, with clarity and perspective, beyond the projections, the negative and overwhelming thoughts and the restless mind; in your heart, open to what comes to you, anchored in the knowledge of who you are and of your value.

Your Essence is you, beyond your dramas, beyond your history, beyond your identifications.

Your Essence is you recognising yourself, deeply, viscerally, entirely. It is you embracing  ALL parts of you: the virgin and the whore, the hurricane and the light breeze, the Goddess and the beggar.

It is you who feel, in each of the cells of your Being, your reliance, your connection to the sacred web of Life. With. In. Among.

It's you, wild woman, woman on the way, sacred woman, woman of shadow and light, WOMAN in all that is noble, beautiful, mysterious and dazzling.

​The accompaniment that I propose to you is YOUR encounter with the Divine:

​* from confused  to sovereign,

* from submissive and victimized to free 

* from disconnected to carnal and vibrant 

* from truncated  to complete 

From woman to Sacred Woman.


In the hollow of your being
is a jewel.
A pearl as pure, as clear, as
precious as the pearl of dew
in the hollow
of the lady's mantle.
This pearl is inviolable,
unalterable, eternal.
This pearl
is your true identity.

That's why I invite you in YOUR “Appointment with the Divine”.


This mentoring is a path of recognition of the wholeness and holyness of your Being


  • the end of the inner war,

  • the reconciliation with all the parts of you 

  • the acknowledgement of the resources sleeping in you, waiting only for this reconciliation to serve your life and your desires

  • the return to your original state, free, joyful and unlimited

  • sitting in the Presence, with and among what is, with simplicity and humility

  • the connection to who you really are, beyond your story

  • back to your body, carnal, delicious and vibrant

Your Encounter with the Divine


We walk this path together, hand in hand, heart to heart. 

It varies from 3 months to 1 year depending on your needs and aspirations. 


This path is a spiral. It will allow you to explore one or more essential themes of your life, and walk towards you, with me by your side to support and guide you.

The soil of my mentoring comes from my 25 years long personal journey, my professional journey and my 15 years of intimate commitment into the heart of universal Sufism and its ancient mystical practices. 

I created a path of self exploration inspired by the Aramaic teachings of Jesus on healing, its nature and its ways. But within this journey, depending on the present moment that will guide us, other archetypes and faces of the Divine will invite themselves to support you on your way back.

I will also offer you tools from the richness of my background:  

  • dialogue with the body-mind to reconcile all parts of your being, reunite your inner community and release traumatic knots

  • breath work to calm the mind, come back to the present moment and to the truth of your body

  • vibratory practices (songs, mantras and universal prayers) to awaken the sacred in you, heal the wounds and circulate stagnant energies 

  • invocation of the archetypes of the Feminine (rituals and incorporation) to help you remember your wild and multiple nature and integrate the richness of your nature as a Woman

  • encounter with the faces of the Divine within you to remember your purity, your beauty and your capacity for love

  • sacred movement to free your body, make your movements more fluid and bring out your spontaneity, your joy, your desire...

  • floral elixirs to support you on your journey and bring to light what is acting in the shadows

Let your wounds
empower your Now,
claim your limitless

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How do we work together?

The journey takes place in the form of individual sessions, approximately every 10 days.


Outside of the sessions, you also benefit from:


* my unlimited support by email (excluding weekends and exceptional periods)

But also :

* a set of floral elixirs: a combo for internal use + a massage oil with floral elixirs + a bottle for floral acupuncture

* recordings of sessions and various practices to support you, with lifetime access, in the form of downloadable documents (audio, video or pdf)

You feel the call...

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Contact me in writing by telling me about you, your story, your wish and what motivates you.  Write to me at:asherahdominiqueboyer(at)

After a few exchanges by email, I could possibly offer you a meeting on zoom, free of charge, in order to deepen the discussion and to allow both of us to feel our respective presences. 

Then a few days of reflection will allow us to feel whether or not we want to walk together. 


My rates are presented as a sliding scale. We will set your contribution together after a discussion.



Prior to working with Asherah, I was struggling in a relationship with a narcissist. I felt that I had to make the decision to end this relationship without succeeding. Working with Asherah has allowed me to connect with many of my shadows
rooms. I was able to see them at first, then welcome them one by one, with a lot of benevolence and love, and suddenly as they were seen and taken into account, they gradually little transformed into light. This allowed me to meet my power and my resources, to see that I could at any time reconnect to my breath and my presence and free myself...
I was able to reclaim my personal power and connect to my sovereignty. I made the decision to end this relationship. Today this work allows me to find myself in my depths, to see my patterns more clearly, to take another look at things and to be on the beautiful path of love for me and of the presence to whom I am, to be at peace and to feel joy. I have a lot of gratitude to Asherah who has been a great help.


  An inspired practice, full of meaning, which is full of Intelligence, beauty, harmony, and yes, love too…. In every way… Asherah has the direct line which I don't have, so for me it's a grace!

By sharing strewn with treasure gift pearls, often in fine synchronicity, I become more flexible and quickly and finely listen to…several parts of me…! My inner community is more consciously present, there is less leadership from this or that stubborn… 

Through the continuity of this intensified work: every day putting the work back on the table...


 Encounter with the Divine is calling you? 

Contact me: asherahdominiqueboyer(at)

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