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8 days to awaken your conscience

An initiatory journey to the heart of Unity  

to make peace inside you

and start an authentic way of life

The past few years have been deeply trying for humanity as a whole,
and for you too...
A world is falling apart, to make room for the new,
but for now, chaos seems to be predominant...

So how not to let yourself be carried away by these waves of fear, of doubt, by this feeling of disconnection that lives in you? 

The world needs you to find your true self,
and that you help to create peace, harmony, justice and joy.
And of course, you know it, it's inside that everything begins...

How to reconnect with yourself? 
How to heal the feeling of being abandoned by the Divine and by Life?
How to stop feeling cut off from your life force, your creativity, 
the unique contribution you have to offer to the world!
How to regain faith and confidence in Life?

Since you were little, I'm sure, you havesummer  injured in this intimate, deep and natural bond with the sacred all around you...
Your upbringing, the fears and beliefs of the adults around you, the often dogmatic and guilt-inducing religious education you may have received...
All this led you to disconnect, to better fit the mold, to be loved and accepted...

But your inner fire has goneoff little by little,
your relationship with the invisible has taken up less and less space,
your intuition has disappeared,
and you finally lost your natural, intimate and living connection with Unity.


femme épanouie

Are you ready to break free?

I offer you an initiatory journey to the heart of Unity to find your true essence, your divine nature...

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Yeshua
and free yourself from what holds you back...

Heal the traumas of your dogmatic and guilt-inducing religious education,
(no, the word of Christ has absolutely nothing to do with the words and attitudes of domination of the patriarchy, and these 8 days will definitely transform your vision, I guarantee reality, Jesus was considered his living as an avatar of the Sacred Feminine...but we didn't tell you that, did we?)

Come back to a healthy, joyful and light relationship with the sacred inside you and outside you,

Reconnect to your true essence,

Restore meaning to your presence on earth, 

and Find the hope that a fairer, more harmonious world is possible
and that you have an impact on its hatching,

Rediscover your power: your ability to act,

Recover your sovereignty: your ability to choose,

Become the joyful, light, confident and vibrant woman (or man) that you never really stopped being!


Sign me up!

Join me on this transformative adventure!

I am Asherah, and I have been practicing a universal spirituality for more than 10 years, rooted in the truth that all spiritual and mystical traditions are so many rivers leading to the same Ocean.

I met Jesus, messenger of Unity, through his original words in Aramaic, his native language. 

My liberation was profound and almost instantaneous, because I experienced its vibration in all my cells.

Since then, through the ancestral mystical practices of the Middle East (where Yeshua comes from), song, dance and inner exploration, I share the message of Love, Peace and Unity, to allow everyone .e to make peace inside oneself and to become complete again.e.

This is how, I know, world peace will come naturally.

Will you dare to create peace within you?

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