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At the Heart of Jesus' Message in Aramaic

I'm taking you on a trip...
An 8-day initiatory journey
discovering "Abwoon", 
the prayer of the Our Father in Aramaic,
the language that Yeshua spoke

Give meaning to your life
through the true message of Christ

becomes aware
of your divine nature

Recognize uniqueness

of your vibration

Bring the sacred into your daily life

Learn to receive 


your sovereignty

Put your vision 

at the service 

of a new world

accept your true nature

Free yourself from the shackles

that block your radiance

nourishes life 
in you

Learn to see and grow

the beauty in you



your responsibility,

find your power

dream your life

Take the first step towards a free and joyful life

the sacred seal
your new life


your new conscience 

They tell their trip with Abwoon...

photo eva.jpg


"A thousand thanks for this space of guidance through songs and your soft and open invitations. A space   where welcoming oneself and others lovingly nourishes the multiplicity and diversity that live within inside me. This journey made me think of the stability of a rock that anchors its environment and reminds it of who it is when everythingdisappears. It is moreover towards this rock that I constantly returned   to remind myself, to remind myself, and to rest. Thank you for creating one of these precious rocks, stable and containing from within."




"Thank you,   I feel rich with new breath and will let myself be kneaded.


Paul Eluard said: "in life there is no chance, there are appointments"



"The trip with Abwoon allowed me to move forward a lot faster than I would have done alone. Through a practice that is imposed on me and that is inspired, that is full of meaning, Intelligence, beauty, harmony, and yes, love too… In every way… Asherah has the direct line that I don't have, so for me it's a grace to follow it!

Through the continuity of this intensified work: every day I put the work back on the table..."

Come and learn about the transforming power
Aramaic teachings of Yeshua

This 8-day trip is offered to you, 

you just have to dive...

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